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Car Hire in Berlin

With Hertz car rental in Berlin you can explore this paradise for holiday lovers, full of cultural and historical landmarks with something to see and do around every corner. The landmarks of this city attract tourist of all ages and a car hire from Hertz will allow you to explore the incredible and vast history of this vibrant city.

Some of the things that tourists should not miss out on, when in Berlin are places such as KZ-Sachsenhausen, Wannsee-Konferenz and the Berlin Wall. Religious places such as Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church are both peaceful and tranquil with an air of purity about them.

When in Berlin, you should not miss out on shopping in Kultur Brauerei as it has much to offer the eager shopping enthusiast. The Berlin nightlife is unparalleled with lively bars and nightclubs offering many different experiences.

A Hertz car hire gives you the freedom to enjoy your trip at your own pace. You can travel to the neighbouring cities of Potsdam and Magdeburg, or drive along the streets of Berlin.


When driving in Berlin please note the following:

Never drink and drive.
Always drive on the right.
Always ensure everyone wears their seatbelt.
Always carry your driver’s licence, insurance and registration documents.
Always obey the legal speed limits.
Children under 1.5m in height legally require child seats.


Car Hire Pickup Locations in Berlin 


Berlin-Schoenefeld Airport

Schoenefeld Airport , Berlin, 12529, Germany


Berlin-Europa Centre

Budapester Strasse 39 , Berlin, 10787, Germany


Berlin DelphiFlottenstrasse 43-49 , Berlin, 13407, Germany


Berlin-NeukoellnGottlieb-Dunkel-Strasse 43-44 , Berlin, 12099, Germany

Berlin-Tegel AirportTegel Airport , Berlin, 13405, Germany

Berlin Railway Station EastDB Reisezentrum , Berlin, 10243, Germany


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