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Car Hire in Dinard

Hertz offers car hire services in Dinard, France which is set on the dramatic coastline of Brittany in northern France and has long been a fashionable destination for holidaying French urbanites. Characterised by its long, and often wide, tree-lined boulevards that converge on elegant squares full of chic restaurants and creperies, the city juts out seawards and is, therefore, surrounded on three sides by beaches and the sea. For sailing, water sport and beach enthusiasts, it means that the coast is always within easy walking distance away.

When driving in Dinard please note the following:
• Drivers must be 18 or older.
• Always carry your driver’s licence, registration and insurance certificates.
• Never use you mobile phone whilst driving as it is illegal.
• Never park illegally.
• The use of a Neverlost GPS unit will ensure you always know where you are..
• Never drink and drive.


Hertz Car Hire Pick Up Locations in Dinard

Dinard AirportPleurtuit Airport , Dinard, 35430, France

Book Now Dinard Airport

Saint Malo Blvd de la Republique48 Boulevard de la Republique, Saint Malo, 35400, France

Book Now Saint Malo


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