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Car Hire in Grenoble

Hertz offers car hire services in Grenoble. Located at the foot of the French Alps and because of its proximity to the mountains, is known as the "Capital of the Alps". Grenoble is known as an important centre of scientific research at European level and is also renowned for its University. The Bastille is the main attraction in Grenoble and offers stunning views of the city below and of the surrounding mountains.
Currently under renovations, the Palace of the Parliament of the Dauphine is worth a visit whilst the Museum of Grenoble is famous for its collection of paintings that reflect the evolution of artistic movements.
For leisure, Grenoble is an excellent base for skiing. The funicular St. Hilaire is easily accessible by car from Grenoble and guarantees visitors an exciting climb. At the summit, the panoramic view coupled with the sight of hang gliders launching themselves sky bound is truly spectacular. This is the steepest funicular railway in France, and one of the steepest in Europe.
The highest town in Europe is Briancon which is 115 km east of Grenoble, on the Col du Lautaret. Rent a car from Hertz and explore this mountainous region in comfort.


Some of the driving rules of Grenoble are mentioned below:
• Always were your seatbelt.
• Always drive on the right.
• The speed limits can be changed in dry conditions or bad weather.
• 130 km/h is the limited speed at motorways.
• 110 Km/h is the limited speed at dual-carriage ways.
• On main roads, speed limit is 90 Km/h.
• The speed is limited to 80 Km/h in towns.
• Never drink and drive.
• If the visibility level gets lower than 50 m, the speed limits will be changed.
• Always carry your driver’s licence and insurance and registration certificates.



Hertz Car Hire Pick Up Locations in Grenoble


Grenoble AirportDe St Geoir, Grenoble, 38590, France

Grenoble Rr StationPlace De La Gare, Grenoble, 38000, France

Grenoble Stmartindhere 26 Rue Du Beal, Grenoble, 38100, France 


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