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Car Hire in Hobart

Hertz offers car hire services in Hobart, Tasmania. Hobart is Tasmania’s harbour capital, located in the south-east of the state at the foot of majestic Mount Wellington.  In Salamanca Place you can find the old 19th century waterfront warehouses which date back to the 1830’s, these are now home to restaurants, galleries, cafes and art studios.
Hobart offers a lively cultural and social scene and just a short drive out of the city you will find some of Tasmania’s finest wineries.
With some much diverse activities on offer be sure to plan ahead and book your car from Hertz car hire to allow you to get to all the places in and around Hobart that you will want to see.



Hertz Car Hire Pickup Locations in Hobart  

Hobart Airport1 Gatty Street, Hobart, 7170, Tasmania


Hobart Downtown 122 Harrington Street, Hobart, 7170, Tasmania




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