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Car Hire in La Rochelle

With Hertz car hire in La Rochelle you can enjoy all this beautiful city has to offer at your own pace. Despite being besieged by the royal troops in 1627, La Rochelle has been very prosperous thanks to maritime trade with the New World. It opened up new horizons and intellectual and artistic influences gained strength in the 18th century. La Rochelle has beautifully maintained its past architecture, making it one of the most picturesque and historically rich cities on the Atlantic coast. You will enjoy exploring the city on foot, from the old harbour lined with seafood restaurants, to the historical centre with its unique architectural heritage and the city walls open for an evening promenade. The city is also a popular resort. Cruises, pleasure sailing or fishing are some of its main activities. There are several islands to be explored, such as Ile d’Aix and Oléron, reachable by boat from the old harbour or the beautiful Ré Island linked by a bridge. Several great developments have emerged over the past few years. La Rochelle is home to the largest European marina for pleasure boats on the Atlantic coast. There is also a multidisciplinary university, renowned for its teaching of marine biology.

When driving in La Rochelle please note the following:
• Drivers must be 18 or older.
• Always carry your driver’s licence, registration and insurance certificates.
• Never use you mobile phone whilst driving as it is illegal.
• Never park illegally.

• The use of a Neverlost GPS unit will ensure you always know where you are..
• Never drink and drive.


Hertz Car Hire Pick Up Locations in La Rochelle

La Rochelle AirportRue du Jura, La Rochelle, 17000, France

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LA Rochelle Del & Col45 Ave Du Gen De Gaulle , La Rochelle, 17000, France

Book Now La Rochelle Del & Col

Car Hire La Rochelle Train Station45 Ave Du Gen De Gaulle , La Rochelle, 17000, France

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