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Car Hire in Limoges

Hertz offers car hire services in Limoges, France. Overlooking a river among green hills, Limoges has long been synonymous with the finest porcelain, while its tradition of enamelware goes back even further and because of this many sights and attractions are about that proud history. Those industries brought immense wealth to the town, reflected in many impressive medieval buildings built of local rose-tinted granite. The air of prosperity, style and joie de vivre continues today, with good shops and restaurants, plenty to do and always more to discover.

When driving in Limoges please note the following:
• Drivers must be 18 or older.
• Always carry your driver’s licence, registration and insurance certificates.
• Never use you mobile phone whilst driving as it is illegal.
• Never park illegally.
• The use of a Neverlost GPS unit will ensure you always know where you are.
• Never drink and drive.


Hertz Car Hire Pick Up Locations in Limoges

Car Hire Limoges AirportBellegarde Airport , Limoges, 87000, France

Book Now Limoges International Airport

Rue Nicolas Appert9 Rue Nicolas Appert Somelac Z.I.C, Limoges, France

Book Now Rue Nicolas Appert


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