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Car Hire Perugia
Whether you are visiting Perugia for business or leisure, car hire from Hertz will allow you to get around and discover attractions at your own time and convenience. Situated in the region of Umbria in central Italy, Perugia is the artistic centre of Italy. Its history dates back to the Etruscan period and thus, it accommodates several attractions and antiquities. Visit the church of Sant’ Angelo of San Michele or one of the cities structure’s form the Etruscan period like the Ipogeo dei Volumni - a chamber tomb.
Perugia has numerous other attractions that are worth exploring, not to mention loads of nearby towns and villages so hire your car in Perugia from Hertz today and ensure you have a nice relaxing holiday at your own pace.

When driving in Perugia please note the following:
• Never drink and drive.
• Always drive on the right.
• Always ensure everyone wears their seatbelt.
• Always carry your driver’s licence.
• Always obey the legal speed limits.
• Children under 4 legally require child seats.

Hertz Car Hire Pickup Locations in Perugia

Perugia Ffss (Rrstn)P.LE V.VENETO 4 , Perugia, 6100, Italy

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Perugia AirportAEROPORTO S.EGIDIO , Perugia, 6100, Italy

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