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Green Collection


Cars that are easier on the pocket


Economy, comfort and style all rolled into one. Meet the cost-effective Green Collection.

Designed specifically to keep running costs low and all emitting under 110g of CO2/km, take your pick from our range of highly fuel-efficient, electric and hybrid cars.

Take the Toyota Auris. With fuel economy figures of up to 75.8 miles per gallon, it also has plenty of room for a family of four plus luggage and sharp, bold styling. It’s an intelligent mix of practicality, high-quality design and on-the-road value.

If you’re especially curious to see how a hybrid performs, for example, book the Toyota Auris and we’ll also guarantee that’s the exact model you’ll have waiting for you.

Go fuel-efficient

Hybrid cars are available in Spain, Italy and the Netherlands.
Electric cars are available in Spain and Italy.