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Australia & New Zealand 24-hour Roadside Assistance

As part of our continuing endeavour to offer customers exceptional service and in the unlikely event that your Hertz vehicle becomes disabled, Hertz operates a Roadside Assistance Program.


Hertz Roadside Assistance is a national* 24 hour, 365 days per year service operated by Assist Australia, in partnership with the Automobile Clubs of Australia.


If your Hertz vehicle experiences a breakdown due to a mechanical failure†, the roadside assistance personnel will attend to rectify any mechanical fault that renders the Hertz vehicle immobile or unsafe to drive.


If your Hertz vehicle has been involved in an accident, you must call your nearest Hertz location or 13 30 39 (in Australia).


If your Hertz vehicle needs towing

In most cases, roadside assistance personnel can repair the Hertz vehicle ‘roadside’. If, however, this is not possible, it will be towed to the nearest Hertz location, nearest authorised dealer, Automobile Club or Association Service Centre. If required, Hertz will arrange a vehicle change over.#


Non-mechanical Emergency Assistance

The Hertz Roadside Assistance Program is limited to mechanical failure of the Hertz vehicle and vehicles disabled as a result of collision are not covered under this program.


Roadside Assistance will provide service for lockout or an empty fuel. However, this service will be at the customer’s cost.

You will be requested to provide the following information:
1. Your Hertz vehicle registration number.
2. Your Rental Agreement Number.
3. Your exact location.
4. The vehicle make, model and colour.
5. Where the car was rented from.
6. A description of the problem.
7. A contact telephone number, if available.
You must stay with the vehicle until assistance arrives.

*Remote conditions apply. Service is limited to Hertz rental and commercial vehicles (to 2.5 tonne) and 4WD vehicles where 2WD access is available. In Tasmania, an alternative service is available with the RACT.
†Excludes vehicles disabled as a result of a collision.
#Conditions apply.


Hertz emergency roadside assistance conditions
1. Remote Areas.
Where a breakdown occurs in a remote (sparsely populated) area and Hertz Roadside Assistance cannot be provided, alternative arrangements (where possible) will be offered.
2. Trafficable Roads.
Service will only be provided to vehicles disabled on constructed roads/driveways that are legally trafficable by conventional two wheel drive vehicles.
3. Vehicle Rescue.
Where the vehicle becomes disabled off a trafficable road such as beaches, fields or creek beds etc., vehicle rescue may be arranged at the discretion of the local motoring organisation at the renter’s expense.
4. Bogged Vehicle Recovery.
Service will be provided to vehicles stranded on constructed roads/driveways that are legally trafficable by conventional two wheel drive vehicles and where no special equipment such as power winches or extended cables etc., are required.
5. Special Equipment.
Should special equipment be necessary to effectively deliver service and where the service provider has to return to the service facility to obtain this special equipment, the additional cost involved will be charged to the renter.
6. Natural Disasters.
Hertz reserves the right to alter and/or offer alternative assistance where a natural disaster places extraordinary demands on the provision of service. Where a disabled vehicle cannot be reached due to flood, bushfire etc., Hertz will attempt to provide whatever alternative assistance practicable under the circumstances. Any such assistance will be at the discretion of Hertz.
7. Collision/Accident.
Any vehicle damaged due to a collision or impact with any object, whether caused by mechanical failure or for any other reason generally covered by Motor Vehicle Insurance, will not be serviced under the Hertz Roadside Assistance program. In case of collision involving the Hertz vehicle, the nearest Hertz location must be contacted.
8. Unattended Vehicles.
Unattended vehicles will not be serviced under any circumstance. The renter must wait with the vehicle until the service provider arrives. Where the renter has elected a representative, this representative must hold a current motor vehicle driver licence in case the vehicle is required to be moved. Where the vehicle is found to be unattended, and should peak demand or any other circumstances inhibit the service provider from waiting, the service call will be cancelled. Any subsequent calls for service (deemed by the service provider to be for the same incident) will be at the renter’s expense.
9. Attempted Repairs.
Where the service provider attends a service call and under initial inspection, considers a third party attempt to repair the vehicle has caused damage and the vehicle cannot be started or driven without further risk or damage, service may be refused. Towing under this circumstance will be at the renter’s expense.


Hertz reserves the right to change or alter any of the services offered under the Hertz Roadside Assistance Program at any time without notice.

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