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Europe on Wheels (EU residents)


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With Hertz 'Europe on Wheels' non-prepaid leisure rates you know you're getting a flexible deal. Not only do they include Unlimited Mileage, Collision Damage Waiver, Theft Protection, insurance for the driver and local taxes but they are also simple to book. You can book as late as 24 hours prior to travelling - however we do advise you to book earlier to be certain of getting the car you want.


'Europe on Wheels' rates are non-prepaid meaning you dont have to pay until you complete your rental.

There is a great range of cars to choose from so we can suit your needs and your pocket. Whether you're looking for a fun size runaround, a sporty convertible or a practical estate car, you can be sure we have the car for you. 

To book your rental now, simply click on the button below - we'll quote you a price in the currency of your destination which is then guaranteed.



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